Ambrose Solomon Diggs

Combat Magician / Occult Investigator


Ambrose Solomon Diggs claims to be a direct descendant of the legendary and biblical King Solomon, though he’s never provided any evidence.

Though Nebraska born, Ambrose spent his formative years traveling ‘The Olde World" as a vagaband sidekick to his father – snake oil salesman and stage magician Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs, AKA ’Doctor Oscar Zoraster.’

The tour took them through London, Paris, Spain and eventually into Northern Africa. There, among the shifting sands and turbaned tents of Marrakesh, Casablanca and Tripoli, Doctor Z’s charlatan tricks gave way to the true mysteries of the arcane. They’d been hunting for the Key of Solomon – “The Grimmerie”, a book of spells and the occult.

Doctor Z left Ambrose one weekend with a Tribal Shaman while he returned suddenly to the US, following up on a tip to the location of the Grimmerie.

It was this tribal shaman that exposed Amrbose to the True Arts – a hodge podge blend of desert spiritualism, opium transcendance and demon-dabbling ritual. He came into frequent contact with other Practitioners, be they Wizard, Witch, Warlock or Demologist, not all of which were friendly meetings.

His first Tattoo – an Eye upon his chest, gave him The Sight.
His second, a spiraling pattern across his right arm, gave him the Hand of the Mage.
His third, a shield above upon his left hand – Protection. He began to learn the Gift of inscribing Tattoo Runes, of summoning mystic force, and even the mumbled incantations of deeper, darker mysticism.

After several years wandering Morocco and Egypt, a dated correspondence finally reached him. His father, long since returned the States in financial and emotional ruin, had vanished months before. On the trail of the Grimmerie, his hot air balloon was believed to have crashed during a wicked tornado.

Heeding the call to come home and face familial obligations, Ambrose made his way back to Omaha.

Along the way, a chance (or was it?) meeting with a Rockefeller Agent opened a new door. It brought an introduction to Purpose. To Justice. To a Patriotism he never knew he had.

But, more than anything else, it teased and tempered his sense of Adventure.

Ambrose Solomon Diggs

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