The Kid and the Corporal

The Kid is mute



The Kid is a refugee of unknown nationality. No one has ever heard him speak a word so no one knows where he’s from, how old he is, or any details behind his story. He has a fair complexion, green eyes, light brown hair, and is probably between five and seven. He isn’t starved looking or sick and would probably be a cute kid if it weren’t for the circumstances surrounding him. He looks like many other victims of the current oppressive German regime. No doubt he and his family fled from somewhere but he has no family to speak of. He currently travels with Corporal Theodore Trager who found him hiding in a farm house.

The Kid is a latent psychic battlefield controller, healer, buffer and de-buffer. He is not fully aware of his abilities. The basic idea is the same as a companion dog. The Kid is helpless and adorable which compels people to protect him. He always has one minion that is normally some sort of strong combat oriented person that can do the thing he physically can’t. It’s not just about the combat, it about someone who can drive a car, buy food or scrounge food, carry The Kid when he’s too weak and generally take care of him.

His uses his powers based off the environment and his emotional state. He also uses his powers based off the actions of those around him. If he comes across people that want to do him violence or are generally “bad” people his powers will manifest in a way as a detriment to these people to make them leave him alone, fight amongst themselves, or in some way or form leave The Kids environment. If the kid is surrounded by “good” people his latent abilities will send out auras of protection and boosting. In a high pressure situation (combat, tense negotiation, a potentially violent confrontation) The Kids powers will either aid the party or be a detriment to the aggressors.

Because of the nature of the Kids powers people tend to see him as a good luck charm or a curse depending on the actions they take around him. They do not see this at first but after an extended amount of time around him they begin to associate whats going on with The Kid. He once spent some time with some profiteers who were robbing and raiding. He latched on to one person who was especially compassionate in the group though the rest of the group was a pretty horrible lot. In the end the entire group befell a series of accidents and fights that diminished their numbers. Eventually when there were only three of them left one had the bright idea that everything was The Kids fault (kinda was) and they all ended up fighting and killing each other. The Kids compassionate companion was mortally wounded and died.

While it may seem weird that someone would take The Kid around with them into dangerous situations this is offset by the fact that the entire European theatre is a dangerous situation. Also, The Kid has the latent abilities to compel people to protect him and not leave him anywhere. Even when they get to a “civilized area” if The Kid does not want to leave his current companion he’ll manipulate the situation so that he stays with who he wants.

For the build I’m thinking he’ll have a few different simple buffs and de-buffs. They will be morale, defense, and offense. Maybe also some obfuscation powers as well. He can communicate telepathically, but it’s insidious and he usually uses it with out knowing it (Help Me! Look Out! Danger! This Way. Don’t Leave Me"). He has a real small healing touch that can stabilize people, put them at ease, and restore a tiny bit of health.

Basically, if The Kid likes you and your party, things will go well for you. If the Kid doesn’t like you and your party, things will go bad. He always has a minion protector who is and adult.

I’m not excatly posititve how to make the character but I do know it’s doable.

The Kid and the Corporal

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